Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bioscope?

Bioscope is a video streaming platform that offers Live TV channels and unlimited Video on Demand. Bioscope is available on both app and web

How to enjoy Bioscope services?

Anyone can enjoy the service on Web at or on Bioscope app by downloading it from Google Playstore.

Who are eligible for the service?

Anyone who has internet connection and/ or has access to Play Store.

On what devices is Bioscope available?

Bioscope mobile App is currently available on all Android devices (minimum android version 4.0.1 and above) and Bioscope website can be used from any mobile or desktop based browser.

What type of content is available on Bioscope?

Bioscope offers it's users Live TV experience with a rich collection of latest bangla video content such as latest and classic Movies, Drama and much more!

Is Bioscope available outside of Bangladesh?

Yes! Selected Video on Demand content on Bisocope is available to users worldwide.

Why do I see 'This content is not available in your region?'

Selected Bioscope contents are not available in certain regions due to geographical restrictions from the content publishers.

Also it is possible that Bioscope thinks you are a user from outside Bangladesh as your IP address is detected as a foreign IP address. In this case, please do one of the followings.

Solution 1: Please make sure you are not using data saving mode in your mobile browser. Please turn it off if it is already activated.

Solution 2: If solution 1 doesnot work, please ask your Internet Service Provider to make your IP address local.

Do I have to Login to use Bioscope?

Login is required for unrestricted Live TV viewing.

What benefit do I get out of Login?

Login will enable access to unlimited Live TV. And add on features like content history, content rating and favorites.

Is there any charge for Login?

Login is free of cost until further notice.

How do I Logout?

Whether the account was Login with Facebook or mobile number, you can Logout just by clicking log out/ Sign out button from the settings or from your account page.

How do I re-login to Bioscope?

You can re-login to Bioscope using your mobile number or Facebook account..

How do I set a show reminder?

When a user sets reminder for his/her prefered content from the EPG (Electronic Program Guide), s/he will receive an in app notfication (duration) Prior to the content being aired.

Where do I get the program guide of a channel?

The EPG (Electric Program Guide) can be found to the right of the video player on the web and below the video player in the app.

How accurate is the Program guide?

EPG is subject to change without any prior notice from the channel authority and accuracy of it entirely depends on the program scheduling of the channel.

What is an Account Page?

An account page displays the account holder's name, mobile number and registration status. Registered users can also add their birhtday and gender to their account details.

Why am I facing issues playing videos?

Please check your internet connection. You can also send a screenshot to clarify the issue to

Where do I post queries and complaints?

For queries and complaints, please mail to

Is Bioscope available on iPhone or as an Apple TV app?

Bioscope web can be accessed from any browser on an apple device. App is currently not available on any Apple platform but we have plan on making it available on Apple platforms soon.

Can I watch videos on TV with Chromecast?

Bioscope supports chromecast from any device that supports the function. To check for availability, look for the chromecast icon at the top right corner of the video

What do I do if I see "Unfortunately Bisocope has stopped working"?

Please relaunch the app. If you face the issue again, please send us the following details at

  • Device Model (Brand of mobile device)
  • Device OS version

On how many devices can I log into the same account to watch bioscope?

Bioscope can be streamed on upto three devices using the same account.

What is catch-up? How can I play a TV show that I missed?

The catch up feature allows you to play back any TV show, as long as it is available from the channel you are watching. You can use this feature from the channel’s EPG (Electronic Program Guide).

After going to your desired TV channel, go to the channel EPG. Look for the show you want to watch and click on the replay icon.

Note: Catch up feature is available only on select TV channels.

Why do I see a loading/ counter animation after clicking the desired catch-up?

Sometimes it takes time to record and display your desired catch-up show. If you see this happening, please wait.

Why do I get the message: "Sorry! The requested program is not available",when I try to play back a program from the EPG?

Certain channels on Bioscope do not allow for play back of previous programs.