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Director: Giasuddin Selim
Released on 2016
Dramatic Romantic
Chanchal Chowdhury, Fazlur Rahman Babu, Monir Khan Shimul , Farhana Mili

Local influential Gazi’s mentally retarded son Halim makes a murder at night. To protect the son Gazi sends orphan servant Sonai to Monpura by his wife’s plan. As Sonai gets exiled overnight, the administration and the villagers identifies him as the murderer. Now he cannot return to the village. Thus began his lonely life in the Monpura. Day by day it becomes unbearable then one day he meets Pori. They both seemed to like each other. When two young people just love each other Gazi’s blind love for his son and ensured future decision of Pori’s father comes into their way. Will they be able to make their love immortal?

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