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Ghor Kutum Episode-001

Director: Salahuddin Lavlu
Released on 2015
Comedy Dramatic
A K M Hasan, Challenger, Chanchal Chowdhury, Fazlur Rahman Babu, Mosharraf Karim, ATM Shamsuzzaman , Bonna Mirza, Chadni, Kumkum Hasan, Nafiza Jahan, Shoshi

Atai lives in the Jogtola village. Atai lives in his in-law’s house, which he considers home, with his wife Mohor and two sister-in-laws - Gohor and Johor. His wife’s parents passed away several years ago. Gohor’s husband Shutka also lives in the same house and is also a thief. The thieves of the surrounding seven villages respects and considers Atai as their leader. Atai has a plan to marry Johor off to Nur, who also works for Atai. All the three sisters know about Atai and Shutka’s profession, but instead of complaining, they try to change their lives. The villagers give a lot of attention to Atai because of his good looks. On the other hand, Shutka is short, weak and suffers from digestive disorders. But, he is really dutiful to his work. Thus, the story of “Ghor Kutum” moves forward.

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