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Chandra Karigor Episode - 01

Director: Humayun Ahmed
Released on 2015
Challenger, Agun , Meher Afroz Shawon, Wahida Mollik Joly, Badhon

Shuvo is the only son of his mentally retard and retired father and mother. All the problems in this family occur only because of him. He writes poetry; at his leisure time reads very complicated books on higher Mathematics and loves to research on these intricate issues. He does not stay at home regularly and quite often he runs away from the house and hides in any remote village whenever an opportunity pops up. He wants to share himself with the life of the common village people, share his dreams, listen to their expectations, pains and agonies etc. Gradually he becomes acquainted with various families in various villages. At one stage, in a village, he develops a brawl with the village Union Member. It instigates the beginning of a series of funny and ridiculous events and incidents. The Story is by Humayun Ahmed.

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