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Bhalobasha Jindabad

Director: Debashish Biswas
Released on 2015
Action Romantic
Arifin Shuvo, Kabila, Sadek Bachchu , Airin Sultana

Megha spent most of her life in captivity. She never had any friends, never mind, lovers. Megha’s father Sultan Mirza hired a group of bodyguards to protect and watch her out. He cuts the wrists of anyone who stares at her. Meanwhile Sowrov becomes the key to unlock Megha’s captivity. He fooled her bodyguards and successfully managed to roam with her. Suddenly they met Megha’s dad, but couldn’t catch him red handed as he found out that Megha was attending college. When Megha’s dad announced her finance she talked to him about Sowrov. In order to get rid of Sowrov from her memory Megha’s father sends her to her soon to be in-law’s house. Even that doesn’t stopped Sowrov from meeting her there.

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