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Matir Moyna - The Clay Bird

Director: Tareque Masud
Released on 2015
Jayanto Chattopaddhai, Nurul Islam Bablu , Rokeya Prachy

Set against the backdrop of the turbulent period in the late 1960s, leading up to Bangladesh’s Independence from Pakistan, this film tells us the story of a family torn apart by religion and war. Based on the director’s own childhood, this acclaimed film follows a young boy named Anu, who is sent off to a strict Islamic School or Madrasa by his deeply religious father Kazi. As the political divisions in the country intensify, an increasing split develops between the moderate and extremist forces within the madrasa, mirroring a growing divide between the stubborn but confused Kazi and his increasingly independent wife. Touching on themes of religious tolerance, cultural diversity and the complexity of Islam, this film has universal relevance in a strife-ridden world.

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