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Dipu Number 2

Director: Morshedul Islam
Released on 2015
Bulbul Ahmed, Arun Saha , Babita

Dipu's father was a public servant. He has to switch schools, neighborhood and surroundings quite often due to his father being transferred inter-cities. His family consists of himself and his father, as he knows he doesn't have his mother. He studies in class seven at a village school in Rangamati. He loves the city, school and is compatible with all his schoolmates except Tareq. However an event causes Tareq to be Dipu's closest friend. Through him Dipu finds out who his mother is. She divorced his father to settle into America. She returned to Dhaka for a couple of weeks, and sending letters to Dipu's father to meet Dipu. In the end Dipu visits Dhaka to meet his mother and it gave him the strangest of feelings. The eternal feeling of meeting his mother aroused him, and eventually he return to his father after a few days while his mother return to America. On the other hand Dipu found out regarding Tareq's mentally-ill mother. Tareq wants to earn money for funding his mother's treatment. From there the adventure begins. With knowledge and courage Tareq and him ploys to capture all the archeological traffickers of Bangladesh. Their friendship went really well until his father got another transfer letter. And that ends their friendship journey in a sad way.

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