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Director: Humayun Ahmed
Released on 2015
Ahmed Rubel, Asaduzzaman Noor, Ferdous Ahmed , Champa, Meher Afroz Shawon

Shorkar Sahib used to be a zemindar. Zemindari custom is long gone yet he has been trying to hold his position as a zemindar. His most loyal servant Amin wants to marry the daughter of a Milkman named Chandro who lives the house next door. Amin arranges marriage ceremony with the permission of the landlord Shorkar Sahib. Suddenly, on the wedding day,Chandro’s cousin Zaheer tells her that he will not survive if she marries Amin. They escape from wedding program. Late at night they come back in the hope of Chandro’s mother will marry off her daughter to Zaheer. But the villagers prevent it. They decide to drive away Chandro and her family out of the village in a village court. Then suddenly, Shorkar Sahib proposes to marry her. Nobody can ignore the decision of a former zemindar. Will Chandro marry the old man to save her family and herself? Zaheer is ready to die for her; what would he do? What will happen to Amin?

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